Testing Log 332
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Testing Log 332

The following a log of experiments done by Research Team 332, headed by Dr. ██████. For each test, one D-Class operative was given one (1) copy of SCP-332 and told to perform a spell as chosen by Dr. ██████; the operative was provided with all equipment necessary for the chosen spell as mandated by SCP-332. All spells were performed in Testing Cells 9-12 and 16 because of their extensive security measures. Research Team 332 was accompanied by a team of seven (7) Level 3 security personnel armed for close quarters indoor combat.

Test 1
Spell: "Conversation From Beyond The Pale"
Hypothesized Effect: This spell should establish connection with a deceased person, or cause a hallucination to that effect.
Equipment: One (1) mirror (any size), one (1) candle (any size), one (1) watch stopped at twelve o'clock.
Status: Successful
Results: Subject's reflection was replaced in the mirror by the image of his grandfather, 15 years deceased. Subject had an hour-long conversation before Dr. ██████ ordered the subject to perform the last part of the spell and dismiss the entity. The image of the subject's grandfather was replaced by his own reflection.
Conclusions: Observation equipment clearly showed the disappearance of the subject's reflection and the appearance of the entity identified as the subject's grandfather. The subject confirmed that the entity displayed knowledge of the subject's childhood from before his grandfather's death, and of his grandfather's life. The entity had much knowledge of the latter, even of events of which the subject was unaware or did not remember in detail. Follow-up research showed that the entity's accounts were for the most part accurate, if slightly exaggerated for the purposes of dramatic effect. Dr. ██████ concluded that the subject had experienced real communication with his dead grandfather.

Test 5
Spell: "Bridge To The Other Side"
Hypothesized Effect: This spell should bring an entity from the "other side" to a chalk circle drawn by the subject. Hypothetically, the entity will be under the subject's control.
Equipment: Two (2) cups of salt (any kind), one (1) piece of chalk (red), one (1) pint of pig's blood.
Status: Successful
Results: A pillar of fire appeared briefly within the chalk circle. Upon the disappearance of the fire, researchers noted the presence of a person identified by the subject as the subject's deceased mother. All methods of observation, including thermal scanning, showed two persons inside the testing cell. Upon Dr. ██████'s request, subject attempted to touch her mother. Her hand went through. Subject's mother was unable to cross the circle of salt until ordered to by the subjected and remained in the testing cell for three hours, until Dr. ██████ ordered the subject to perform the last part of the spell and dismiss the entity. The subject's mother disappeared in a pillar of fire identical to the one preceding her appearance.
Conclusions: All observation equipment showed two people in the cell. Extensive questioning by the subject showed that the entity knew much of the subject's life and the life of the subject's mother, and follow-up research confirmed the majority of the entity's account. Upon Dr. ██████'s request, the subject asked the entity to perform several actions typically associated with ghosts, including floating, turning invisible, and phasing through solid matter. All observation equipment confirmed the entity performing these actions. The entity even walked through the two-way mirror, causing one of the researchers to pass out in fear. Dr. ██████ personally waved a hand through the entity, confirming its non-corporeal nature. Dr. ██████ concluded that the entity was in fact the subject's mother, or at least an entity extensively familiar with the lives of the subject's family. 05-█ ordered the instructions for performing this spell sent to all Command sites, as it could prove extensively useful.

Test 9
Spell: "To Create The Army Of The Grave"
Hypothesized Effect: According to SCP-332, this spell should create a "potion of unlife", which can be administered to living humans to create "the living dead". Research Team 332 expects a substance which will kill and animate the corpses of humans that ingest the substance. If testing on the substance is required, further D-Class personnel will be requisitioned for the purpose.
Equipment: One (1) cup (any size), four (4) tablespoons of salt, four (4) oz. of raw chicken, one (1) metal saucepan, one (1) pair of protective gloves, one (1) surgical mask, [DATA EXPUNGED].
Status: Successful
Results: After subject performed spell and lifted the saucepan off of the glass, it was found that the glass's contents had been replaced with a few ounces of a dirty-looking fluid. Testing confirmed that the liquid contained significant amounts of SCP-008. SCP-008 was immediately contained, subject was terminated, Testing Cell 10 was heated to 250 degrees Celsius, and Research Team 332 was put in quarantine for one week until it was ascertained that they were completely and totally free of any infection by SCP-008.
Conclusions: Subjects infected with SCP-008 certainly seem to be "the living dead". The spell following this one in SCP-332 is a relatively simple method for vocally commanding subjects effected by SCP-008. Dr. ██████ has submitted a request to O5-█ to test this spell; Research Team 332 expects this request to be denied because of the severe Keter-level threat posed by those infected with SCP-008.

Test 13
Spell: "Facing The Reaper"
Hypothesized Effect: Research Team 332 expects this spell to "summon" an extra-dimensional entity of some sort. SCP-332 refers to the entity in question as "The Reaper" or "The Grim Reaper", a name traditionally associated with the anthropomorphic personification of death. Extra security will be called in for this test.
Equipment: One (1) black jacket (leather), one (1) coat rack, one (1) black ski cap, two (2) cups of salt, one (1) piece of chalk (red), [DATA EXPUNGED].
Status: Failed
Results: Upon completion of the spell, Testing Cell 16 went dark for thirteen seconds. Nothing was picked up by any observation equipment. When the lights came back on in the cell, subject was beheaded with the headless body affixed to the ceiling by the coat rack, which had been driven three feet into the solid steel wall. Subject's head was in the center of a pentagram drawn with what was confirmed to be the subject's blood. Examination of the video recording showed that the subject left the word “respect” out of the spell. Research Team 332 decided not to reattempt this test.
Conclusions: This spell certainly did something. No observation equipment picked up any readings of any kind during the 13-second dark period, so if anything was summoned or its nature cannot be confirmed. This test will not be reattempted by order of O5-█, but the results of this test could provide insight into several unsolved ritual murders.

Test 18
Spell: "Acquiring The Red Thirst"
Hypothesized Effect: Research Team 332 hypothesizes that this spell will create a psychological urge for the subject to drink blood. SCP-332 claims that this spell transforms those that perform it into a vampire. If this spells succeeds in any way, the subject will be studied extensively to find out what, if any, physical changes occurred.
Equipment: One (1) pair plastic novelty vampire fangs, one (1) piece of chalk (red), [DATA EXPUNGED]
Status: Failed
Results: After subject completed the spell, nothing happened. Research Team 332 waited one hour before releasing the subject from the cell. Physical and psychological evaluation of the subject showed no change. Examination of the cell showed that the subject had incorrectly drawn the pentagram upon which he was supposed to stand; in one corner the lines of the star did not meet.
Conclusions: Dr. ██████ was the operative who declared this test a failure due to lack of any changes in the subject. The same test will be performed with the same subject, after a reprimand to perform the spell correctly.

Test 19
Spell: "Acquiring The Red Thirst"
Hypothesized Effect: Same as the previous attempt.
Equipment: One (1) pair plastic vampire fangs, one (1) piece of chalk (red), [DATA EXPUNGED]
Status: Successful
Results: [DATA EXPUNGED] Subject had to be terminated via fire. Ashes were sent to Bio-Research Area-12 for research.
Conclusions: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Regrettably, the subject could not be captured alive or at least intact for study. However, considering the abilities displayed by the subject, Dr. ██████ believes the spell to have behaved exactly as SCP-332 said that it would. Further testing of this spell will be required to create a living (or at least intact) specimen for research.

Test 24
Spell: "To Steal Damned Souls"
Hypothesized Effect: Dr. ██████ believes this spell will behave similarly to the spell performed in Test 5. However, SCP-332 warns that this spell opens a temporary portal to "the place of punishment", which causes unease in the religious members of Research Team 332. Additional security measures will be taken in the case that these fears are well-founded.
Equipment: One (1) mirror (floor length), five (5) red candles (any size), [DATA EXPUNGED]
Status: Failed
Results: Immediately upon subject's completion of the spell, an explosion occurred in Testing Cell 9. The automated systems triggered a sector-wide alert. Testing Cell 16's walls, floor, and ceiling were singed black and were hot to the touch for half an hour following the test. No trace of the subject was found in the cell, but all personnel who entered the cell afterward reported hearing the faint sound of screams from no discernible source. The sounds only stopped when an exorcism was performed in Testing Cell 9 by an SCP agent who is an ordained priest. Research Team 332 decided not to repeat this test.
Conclusions: Dr. ██████ believes the spell to have merely created a fireball, but the sounds in Testing Cell 9 and the fact that said sounds only stopped after an exorcism caused a heated argument among Research Team 332. Obviously something of a paranormal nature beyond just a simple fireball happened. In the case that this spell creates something similar in nature to SCP-███, this test will not be repeated, despite Dr. ██████'s objections.

Test 32
Spell: "To Release The Prisoners Of The Grave"
Hypothesized Effect: According to SCP-332, this spell causes "the dead to rise and serve you, the caster, in all things". With the success record of previous tests, Research Team 332 has requisitioned SCP agents to monitor all graveyards within a 20 km radius for activity. If possible, Dr. ██████ wants a specimen captured for study in order to ascertain its nature and any possible telepathic link between the specimen and the subject.
Equipment: One (1) map of the surrounding area with all graveyard circled in red ink, [DATA EXPUNGED]
Status: Successful
Results: Approximately ten minutes after the completion of the spell, SCP security personnel dispatched to area graveyards reported sounds from underground. Ten minutes later, personnel reported that human hands and heads in varying states of decay were breaking through the soil. Teams of SCP agents were able to terminate and rebury all of the creatures before they could leave their respective graveyards. The subject was terminated and further testing on SCP-332 was suspended until further notice by order of 05-█.
Conclusions: Due to the aggressive and cannibalistic nature of creatures, no specimen could be captured. However, questioning of the subject before his termination did provide some insight. The subject reported an expanded consciousness, a feeling he described as "a silence beggin' me to fill it". SCP agents the subject had a grudge against were given priority by the creatures, and were the only casualties of the operation. Due to the possibility of escape and/or mass containment breach or other damage to this or other SCP sites, this test will not be repeated once testing is reinstated.

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