The Bacterium (The Finale)
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Extract from dossier-XL-56 on Groups of Interest

We have discovered that below our sight line there is another world; a universe where microscopic organisms are sentient. In particular, one fact sticks out, the bacteria are organized enough, coordinated enough, to have one empire spanning the entire earth. In terms of scale, this empire would be of interstellar sizes when related to us. To keep an infrastructure like this stable would require enormous amounts of power and coordination; and dare I say it, intelligence far beyond our current society.

This empire is called The Bacterium. The implications of a highly efficient and united government of beings that can attack and alter us on a fundamental scale are stunning to say the least. Let us pray that the type of accident that made us aware of them never happens in the opposite direction. The best outcome we can hope for is that they forever remain unconcerned with humanity.

Extract from secretarial memorandum on scientist meeting

Wilbert: (crumbles up ball of paper, throws in trashcan. leans back in chair) Hey, Johnson what type political system do you think they have? Like military, democracy, communism.

Johnson: (looks up from writing) Oh, probably a theocracy.

Wilbert: Why do you say that?

Johnson: Yeah, they're probably lead by a high priest called "The One" or something.


Johnson: get it… the one… because they're uni-ce-

Wilbert: get back to work johnson.

Extract from report 314-XX-B4 on dig

Located at coordinates ██,██ directly in the valley was the meteorite remnant we had to searching for. After evacuating around it we got a good look, it was about the size of a small bike and covered in rock and metal. After driving it back to the laboratory, we decided to leave the analysis of the basic composition to others; we focused on examining the more obvious and attention grabbing features, primarily the narrow opening down the middle. By inserting a thin object and applying leverage, the meteorite was opened up, revealing most of it to be a outer shell. The inside was lined with a unknown alloid, and contained a tube of glass surrounded by broken lights and heaters. This receptacle was tentatively determined to be designed for the incubation of uni-cellular organisms-

The Dark Lord knuckles turned white as he gripped his throne in ecstasy, the joy of his massive mind expanding and covering the lightyears of space, and feeling the many small creatures submerged by his power and bowing to it in servitude almost overwhelming. He felt every corner of the universe, touched every thought and event, bolstered by a network of his fellow psychics, his view carried along by this gigantic set of connections, the empire of telepaths assisting him in his duty and right of surveillance-

Johnathon Foggy visions faded gradually and then he snapped out all the way. Standing up, the gaunt bald man walked quickly out of the room and then down a hallway, a underling at his side. Looking at at the twitchy man expressionlessly, eyes completely black, he said in a hoarse monotone "The Static is especially strong today. Cleanse the island." The man nodded and the ran off. Johnathon was joined at his side by two of his lieutenants. "Sir?" questioned one of them in a cold dull voice, his irises also modified. "The bomb will be going off in approximately an hour. I suggest we be gone by then."

Extract from Report 213-CC-F9

Telepathic factions can be easily tracked and located through monitoring of certain markets; for still unknown reason almost all influential groups purchase large amount of sterilization supplies, cleaning materials, hazmat suits, environments designed for those with immune deficiencies, and antibiotic spray and solutions. When compared with the fact that the drugs said to enhance their abilities and various mind link tools are bought in much smaller amounts, shows that these fabled devices sold by quacks are simply shams that do not work, tricks to take advantage and make a quick buck, while the sterilization supplies on the contrast have somehow been proven useful over and over again to their goals.

Extract from Report 43-BY-661

A interesting correlation has been noticed; almost every single person possessing a noticeable amount of ESP (Class C and beyond in most cases) has some traits of OCD. Not to a certain extent the obsessive organization and perfection focus, although those can be a side effect, but more particularly, a seemingly pathological neatness. In a survey 99 percent of those able to read minds, see the future, or pick up on emotional vibrations have kept themselves extremely hygienic, sometimes to the point of harm (such as scalding showers and violent scrubbing) and preferred their housing to be disinfected and dirt less often sacrificing comfort and style to create more of a medical clinic environment. This tendency is subconscious, and when questioned on it, most simply reveal it as a style of personnel taste, often saying that they simply prefer it for perfectly normal reasons or it makes them feel "fresh" "alert" and in some cases they have even said that it helps them with their powers…

Extract from report handed out to Mobile Task Force Beta-19-The Beta Waves

As you know, they always give themselves away eventually. But it's been getting very obvious. The telepathic underworld has been bandying around a couple of stolen biological warheads, apparently some kind of anti-life explosion. They have started to deal with a bunch of terrorists in Arabia, and a rogue Russia scientist. They're getting very interested in microbiology and bacteriology, and our sources say they're starting to dabble in some sort of genetic modification. Now we're very interested in what they're doing, but we're afraid if we let them continue is going to get our of hand quickly. So, the assault on the island fortress of one very specific group, The Mind Rapists…

Extract from the journal of William Chorebert, a member of The Beta Waves

I've seen sick stuff in my time, but what I heard of The Mind Rapists in my briefings, and what I saw on that island definitely tops out somewhere high on my list. Most telepaths shy away from mind reading without someones permission, its a violation. its disturbing. its not a problem of forcing your way in, they can't be mind blocked through force of will or anything science fictioney like that, its a problem of willpower, they themselves don't want to it it. forcing your way in all the way to the deep thoughts of someone you barely know, well from the way I've heard it described, its almost overwhelming, to much. its very intimate. you feel close to them. but there's always someone who will pay for information. who needs it. thats where these creeps come in. they get off on ruffling through the private thoughts. they love it. most are actual rapists, or stalkers, or voyeurs themselves so this is the ultimate expression of what they like to do. its purely a power thing. they thirst on the knowledge. so someone kidnaps someone else, pays these guys, and then they interrogate the victim until they figure out what they want to know. they're the best. the military uses them occasionally. so does law enforcement. I'm sure theres some private sectors that use it on employees that are hiding data or competitors or rich millionaires that use it on cheating wives as well. but all these people do it very reluctantly. most don't come back again. Because The Mind Rapists, they don't just do it efficiently, quickly. they go on and on. they take their time. draw it out. look at everything, not just what they were payed to find. go through all the secrets, savor each one slowly. It's definitely a pleasure thing for them.

Extract from incident report 312-XX-14

Witness: William Chorebert Date: ██/██/██

After the primary attack, and the disabling of the anti-aircraft turrets, we did a mostly exploratory sweep of the building. Going through the left wing we passed through many small laboratories, most with vials and containers of various contagions and bacteria. This was not a experimental testing area, but rather a factory, for several hypos presumably containing the same substances were also found in several of the higher ups quarters. We took these and other samples, for there were several varieties, not all of them released to every member of the group. Near the roof in a small open area were five small warheads that were rigged to activate in the spots they were held. One had already been used and yet there was not sign of damage anywhere around it. Radiation was minimal in the area. Near the laboratories, around a dozen missiles were being fitting with the biological substances. A launch pad was in the earlier stages of design. Of interest; their interrogation rooms are pure white antiseptic cells, with plastic sterile chairs and tables. When closed, a computer system can be activated that will begin spraying it down, and then heating it up to a baking temperature while some sort of laser moves from side to side. Although completely plain in their original style, some had pictures, furniture, and toys added in, probably from the victims life, to help their interrogator gain a foot hold in bringing up their memories. Several were done up in the style of childhood or infant rooms, with cribs, stuffed animals, and colorful paint (the paint was of a type that melted off instantaneously during the sterilization process.) In one room that had not yet had the cleaning process performed on it, several fluids were found splattered on the floor and walls.

A circular hallway in the middle of the building contained the rooms of the ruling council. In room 3 was the domicile of Mr. Foggy's female lieutenant. Her wall were covered in numerous pictures, some photos but most drawings made to resemble photographs taken of people in comprising or personnel positions, at a point that made it clear she was spying on them. The style and proportions (very dream like and symbolic) of these images makes it likely that they were taken out of her victims minds and then draw later from memory. In Jonathan's room we located a main computer, and began collecting data from it. Along with official business, there were several videos of his interrogations, including one of him raping a man in the ass while-

Preliminary analysis on samples taken from The Mind Rapist's base.

The injections found on the possession of many of its members have a four-fold effect, they create a black cataract over the eye that can only be seen through from one side, infect the vocal cords turning the voice either into a cracked whisper or damaging them enough to stop all forms of inflection, stabilize body temperature, heart rate, and sweat production, and causes a highly reproductive form of bacteria to grow quickly around the brain, forming an extremely thick wall. This is definitely a designer bacteria representing hours and hours of hard work. It comes in two forms, one that is easily curable in a short amount of time with a simple pill, and one that only has one effect, the growth of bacteria in the brain fluids, unstoppable except for a few antidotes found in their leaders possession.

It is my believe that the first sample is a type of protection, a covering up of all visible signs of emotion, such as tone and the eyes which are as many say, a window into the soul. This hiding of cues would be absolutely essential in any group of telepaths struggling against each other yet working together, and would allow intrigue and double dealing to continue. Obviously only the most important and successful could even obtain these injections in the first place, but once they had them, the espionage and manipulation could continue. It is likely that very soon, every single telepath in the world, when interacting with others of their kind will use this, so not to give away any uncontrollable hints (for every powerful telepath is foremost a reader of human behavior and uses many observations on the physical body itself).

The second injection is a form of punishment, meted out by Jonathan Foggy. Me being privy to level four restricted data leads me to this conclusion; the bacteria being very dense blocks out all mental communication, effectively cutting them off. This type of disease was also found being loaded into the missiles, apparently to be launched at The Mind Rapists business rivals, the perfect attack; not too noticeable and not too far over the line; only rendering them utterly useless. Before their use, they were probably going to be held over the rival factions heads as a threat and incentive to cooperate.

Transcript of Test-32-3

Doctor Dunkin: Ok, goggles on everyone. Activating number three… this is the last call, everyone leave the radius. Mudbloom, close the door. Yes the fifth lock. now, Wilbert, are all the sensors on? Yes. ok. Five, four, three, two, one.


Doctor Romlin: Undulating blue waves, slowly moving across the air and ground. They're passing through the wall sir.

Doctor Dunkin: That's fine, Ingrid. Just back up. Yeah, just a couple feet. There, they're fanning out. Like I expected Wilbert?

Doctor Scarshrew: Yes, all the cultures are dying. I bet you any amount of money it shrivels the nucleus. Probably something based on moisture.

Doctor Dunkin: We'll discuss that later when we get them under the microscope. What about the cages?

Doctor Scarshrew: Rat Three is experiencing heart complications.

Video Footage of the interrogation of Jonathan Foggy by Doctor Bloat

Jonathen: Hello, doctor.

Doctor Bloat: Yeah, hi. (sits down) (looks through papers) Why haven't your eyes cleared up yet? We administered that special little antidote everyone carried around with them.

Jonathen: This is one is personally modified. Only I can reverse it.

Doctor Bloat: Ah, I see, so no one could knock you out, tie up somewhere, cure it, and then try to read your mind?

Janthen: Precisely.

Doctor Bloat: No honor among thieves eh? Well actually you're worse then thieves. a lot. you knows the things i would like- if this gets violent, lets just just say I'm going to enjoy it.

ahem. So you have all these little cover ups so no one could read your mind. You block everything so nothing is given away. Everyone by you is always trying to one up you, figure out your plan, come up with a better one. Must get pretty annoying after a while but I bet you could fool any polygraph in the world.

Jonathan: It's not polygraphs I'm afraid of.

Bloat: Yeah, but of course. You know, I've been wondering, you keep your body temp down, keep yourself from sweating, there's a sedative in that little cocktail of drugs and bacteria that keeps you still… but how do you stop fidgeting all together… thats pretty impressive. You know the fact that even one involuntary twitch might give you away to your peers, its amazing. The amount of attention you guys must pay to every movement.

Jonathan: It's not just the injection. It's that combined with training and mediation.

Bloat. I see… so what specifically do you do to deal with the whole…


Bloat: You know my theory is that you remotely visualize your body from a distant, like separate the mind from it, and then operate the physical self like its a puppet, so every single action is exactly controlled. Like a form of holy man mediation or something.


bloat: ok… (gets up) pump him full of antibiotics. Have him emptied out. And then I want all the depressants replaced with truth serums even thought he's probably got something in his bloodstream to counteract them, got it? I'll be back wh-

Joanthen: It's a very resistant strain… (allows himself a smile)

Bloat: Really? You know what, I'm going to lay it straight with you, we really don't care about your sicko perv organization you got yourself here. I myself couldn't give a shit. ok? All i want to do is compare notes, you could say. We've become very interested in this certain topic that's been showing up over and over again… What is The Veil. what is The Static. Thats all we want-

Jonathan: Anything I tell will be used against my kind.

Bloat: You mean sociopaths? Yes, I would sure hope so. But what about the normal telepaths, you know the ones that don't have issues and aren't all fucked up in the head. When I look at them all I can think about is their potential. Something is stopping it. So I repeat, what is The Veil. What is The Static. You're on to something, here you've been expanding and researching like never before.

Jonathan: …

Bloat: You know, we got this guy right outside the room, very good at making just these little jingles up. I mean, I think I was humming one when I came in. They just stick you know. Great guy. Really catchy. Could do work on commercials or something, he's that good. It would sell a million products. People would sing them in their sleep. Should I invite him in? Sit you two down.

Jonathan: I am fully in control of who I-

Blout: He's really loud, in the metaphorical sen- you get what I mean. (waves hand over head and smiles)

Jonathen: Although the process involves concepts far more complex then you could possibly imagine, compartmentalization and false minds, the simple gist of it is I could just..ignore it.

Blout: (smiles fades)

Jonathen: It appears-

Blout (face redens) Ignore this. (Blout pulls out a gun and shots Mr. Foggy in the head.)


He wouldn't of given us anything anyways.

Agent Vangurp: Agreed. But what are we going to do now?

Blout: We'll pull one of his scientists in here.

Agent Vangurp: Think we can make them break?

Blout: No of course not. Did you see this guy, he was a master. They're in the same league. But they willn't be as good as him that's for sure. Not by so wide a margin that they snap here, but enough to give away a sufficient amount of cues… We watch them for a couple months.

Agent Vangurp: You're going to feed the footage into The Human Farm? And create an identical artificial mind?

Blout: Yeah, and I'm glad they upgraded the simulation with the pain program. I'm going to enjoy torturing them.

Extract from the Journal of Doctor Cooker:

So now we know for sure bacteria is what weakens psychics powers, what interferes with them. you could, if you wished to be melodramatic, say that bacteria is the root of all evil. everyone is psychic on a low level, even if we falsely attribute it to phenomenons or body language, and the bacteria stops connections or at least weakens them. If we evolved or were created with telepathy to boast our communication, then bacteria are, indirectly, the cause of all misunderstanding, all wars, all senseless hate. They are what separates us and divides what, what causes us to remain fractured and not one glorious people. They are the barriers and walls that stop empathy and common universal love.

Every time I wished to express myself but just couldn't make my feeling or point absolutely clear, it was because between me and the person I wished to comprehend fully were millions and millions of tiny minds. Every time my love seemed false or went unnoticed it was because the thoughts loose around my head, floating behind and ahead of me, were stopped by a space filled with monstrosities. Every time an orator or a speaker is interpreted incorrectly is because of something far more terrible then crowds of humans. And what of the sick and the infected. They frighten us. perhaps it is because we can not connect with them, their essential humanity remains hidden to us, shrouded. the feverish, the deluded? maybe what they are saying is coherent, but only seems mad because they cannot bolster their message with telepathy. has there ever been a beautiful sick person? they appear yellow or pale, and disgustedly frail. but what is beauty but the spirit. and sickness but a spirit thwarted by The Bacterium?

And what of all the people who trusted me to heal them that I lost. If the physicians love truly heals the patient, what more efficient way to block that transference of energy then a horde, swarming and doing unspeakable things.

Extract from the journal of Doctor Buried

It so brilliant, and yet so simple, why can't anyone else see it! It's obviously on purpose! Man is weakened by The Bacterium and The Bacterium is attacked by The Viral Army. But who keeps The Viral Army in place? no one. Its not needed. Why is it that the only group that has no significant checks and balances in place is robotic?! Because they're directly controlled by whoever instigated this whole affair!

And how ingenious of the mastermind behind it all to use something so innocent as a entire type of organism, that blends in. doesn't stick out. If whoever is doing this, the gods or aliens, merely sent one thing that directly modified our brains or covered the entire earth in telekill, we would figure it out. Eventually we would fix it. But we could never suspect bacteria! We take them for granted. And even if we knew they were emotionally and socially harming us, what could we do? They're incorporated into our chain of life. It would all crumble with out them.

The supercomputer's gears, the size of planets, turned in the void. Electricity, each bolt as large as a storm cloud, jumped back and forth down the chips in the middle. Its telescopes and lens turned to the planet Ackariod. Soon intelligent life would arise from the slime seas and clay pits. A rumbling sounded deep within the computer and a hole opened, shooting a capsule towards the planet. The meteorite was filled with bacteria specifically tailored to that world's ecosystem. They would land and slowly grow, and would not remember how they arrived, believing themselves to be kings and rulers, the righteous owners. A millennium after, to curb their power from becoming to excessive, and to stop them from overstepping their boundaries, an invasion would be sent. It was already planned and the soldiers, the viruses, had been tested and designed over and over again to capitalize on the bacteria of Ackariod's specific weaknesses. The balance of the universe would be maintained, a three pronged war keeping all sides in check for eternity. The Large Species never fully developing their telepathy and using it to form into the type of transcendent empire that had originally necessitated the supercomputers creation in the first place, and the microorganisms although powerful would be constantly distracted from thriving and training their own strange brand of telepathy by the perfect enemy. And if one of The Large Species ever discovered that both viruses and bacteria were artificial no harm would come. Everything would in the end assist the supercomputers goals. They were paranoid, and stripped of their natural ability to link with others would suspect everyone. They would accuse one of the older races and attack them, starting the flame of war that consumed the galaxy periodically, era after era.

The supercomputer whirled on in space. All was well.

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