The Lockdown: Closed
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Emergency Response Team Wirefeed-
…M.R.T. Zeta-9 and Omega-7 proceeding to rally points…SCP-076-2 continues to demand removal of Zeta-9…On-site containment stable…On-Site Agents report no detectable activity from within SP-110…Zeta-9 team still cleared for action…ALERT: PRE-ARMING OF SCP-076-2 COLLAR DETECTED…Alert status for Omega-7 pending…ALERT: SCP-076-2 COLLAR DEACTIVATED…Agent Anderson KIA…Emergency replacement of Omega-7 team member █████ Anderson requested…

“…the hell do we do this, Lev?”

Lev looked up, or rather his helmet lifted slightly, to look at Roy. Roy shifted uncomfortably on the bench, looking down its length at the armored men before turning back to Lev. “This is a bad idea. 110 isn’t the nastiest thing out there, but Able is a frigging nightmare on feet. He chopped up a whole site a few months ago just because he was BORED. What’s more, he really does not want to work with us, or anybody for that matter…some asshole in an office wants to try out The Foundation’s pet monster, and we have to be the babysitters.” Lev’s thick helmet shook slowly, a faint chuckle crackling over the radio. “Roy, you are like an old woman, always worried about everything but the job at hand. With you, I have no need for cares, for you do it for everyone!” He laughed again, the helmet slowly shaking again.

Lev’s heavy helmet turned up to face him again, and Roy looked away, stinging slightly. Lev still wore the Mark 4 style suit, with the fully sealed helmet and external piping, and the big, black eye seals were unsettling. It was like talking to some monstrous bug, and it was hard not to feel a sense of intimidation and odd unreality when Lev’s voice came crackling from the black shell. “Do not worry about the beast, comrade. He will do his duty, or die, the same as us. Keep your eyes forward, and your head down.” Roy shook his head, sighing. “Whatever you say boss…I just really don’t think the kids should be out here. This is a shitty first mission; even you have to admit that.”

Lev turned to look down his own bench, at the two suited figures on the far end. They fidgeted and waved their arms, their Mark 6 armor so new it almost gleamed, the “spacesuit” style helmets showing eager, fresh faced young men. Lev sighed, shrugging his armored shoulders. “We do not choose our fates, only adapt to them. Perhaps trial by fire will be good for our young ones. Are you really so old that you no longer trust the young?” Even behind the faceless armor, Roy knew Lev was grinning at him. “You’re always such a wealth of comfort Lev, really a master of the pep talk.” Lev laughed, and despite himself, so did Roy.

Emergency Response Team Wirefeed-
…Omega-7 touchdown at rally point…Zeta-9 E.T.A. < 5 minutes…Omega-7 reporting to command area…SCP-076-2 refuses to meet with command…SCP-076-2 proceeding to Entry Point A-1 of SCP-110…Zeta-9 touchdown at rally point…Zeta-9 team proceeding to command base…

Anthony and Bruce sat outside the command building, along with the rest of the Zeta-9 team, and tried to seem casual. Against the opposite building the members of Omega seven were spread out, some leaning against the cool concrete, radiating the aura of quiet exhaustion and danger that seemed to stick to all the Pandora’s Box team members. The Mole Rats, meanwhile, seemed like a group of solders or mountain climbers gearing up for action, chatting and joking with one another. As the two newest members, Anthony and Bruce were forced to keep their own company together. Zeta-9 boasted the highest survival rate of any Mobile Task force…but only among those who had already done two or three missions. Nobody wanted to get to know people who may be cannon fodder in the next two days. Anthony looked at Bruce a moment before nodding briefly, and started to stride across the gap to the Omega-7 team.

Excerpt from The Mobile Task Force Handbook: Chapter 8 – Working with other Teams
The Mobile Task Forces are the strong arm of The Foundation. You are in a class all your own, even among the many varied talents that are already within The Foundation. Unfortunately, this can set you apart from your peers, and lead to labels like “crazy” and “suicidal”. However, this also makes it much easier to interact with other MTF teams. Members from the other teams have probably dealt with a lot of the same things you have, and you’re bound to find more in common then different.
Every MTF is a specialized tool, and when they work together, can create an unstoppable force. The better your relationship with the other teams, the better chance you have of completing your mission quickly and safely. When dealing with a new team try and open lines of communication early. You’re going to be dealing with things most people can’t even dream of; you have no reason to be shy!


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