UIU Files Chapter 2
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Dr. Glass: For the record, can you please state your name and position?

Agent Fork: █████ ████████, operational handle “Fork”, specializing in SCP recovery and personnel termination.

Dr. Glass: Alright then, let’s get this interview started.

“It’s quite a pity Mr. Trew didn’t survive his wound.” Agent Spoon said cheerfully as he pulled the cloth hood off of the surviving Chaos Insurgency agent. “Agent Fork is a magnificent markswoman, but even she has her limits. Fortunately for you, Mr. Fourie, that means we’re forced to be less… cavalier with our interrogation.”

“Where… where are we?!” Fourie said in a panicked voice, craning his head around to try and see where he was.

“This is an interrogation, Mr. Fourie, we’re supposed to be the ones asking the questions.” Agent Spoon laughed. “But I guess I can humor you. We’re currently in a Blackhawk about five hundred meters above the San Gabriel Mountains. You have information that we need, and you’re going to tell it to us.”

“And what if I don’t?” Fourie growled.

“Ooooh, defiance, that’s good.” Spoon pointed behind Fourie. “Right now, there is nothing but five hundred meters of empty air between you and the ground. All I need to do is shove you out that door. You’ll have this flying sensation for a few brief seconds before you hit the ground. The G-forces alone will be enough to snap every bone in your body like toothpicks and turn your internal organs into oatmeal. Chances are, you’ll die instantly, but if you don’t, well… sucks to be you.”

“You don’t have the guts-“

“Bye!” Spoon waved as he gave Fourie’s chest a hearty kick, propelling him out of the helicopter.

“You’re crazy!” Fourie screamed as he fell out into open space.

“THIS IS SPARTA!” Spoon yelled at the rapidly disappearing human shape below. He then turned to the pilot and grinned. “I always wanted to say that.”

“Sam? Sam! Can you hear me?” Leo’s voice sounded distant, but was slowly getting louder. “Sam!”

“W-what?” Sam blinked groggily, as if she was waking up from the worst night’s sleep in her life. She craned her head around and realized that she was in the interior of an ambulance. “What happened?”

“You got in a firefight with two suspects. You got hit and they ran.” Richtoff explained. “It was a good thing you were wearing your vest though.”

“My vest…?” Sam didn’t remember wearing her vest today, or any day during her career. However, her memory of the past morning was incredibly blurry.

“Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe it.” The paramedic mused. “All you got are a few nasty bruises. We probably don’t even have to go through the trouble of driving you all the way to the hospital.”

“Do you remember anything about what happened in that store?” Richtoff asked.

“Well…” Honestly, Sam couldn’t remember much and what little she did recall, she wasn’t sure if it was true or not.

“Don’t answer any questions.” Special Agent James Stark said sternly as he and a number of other FBI agents stormed into the ambulance.

“What’s Homicide doing here?” Leo asked suspiciously.

“An agent just got shot. That’s attempted homicide and therefore in our jurisdiction.” Stark said in a rather half-hearted attempt to justify his actions.

“And why exactly are you so interested now in a UIU case?” Richtoff raised an eyebrow. “Itching to join us down in the basement?”

“We’re the ones who are going to be asking the questions.” Stark said brusquely before motioning for the other agents to grab Sam. “Take her back to the office.”

“Uh, sir, I think we really should make sure that her injuries aren’t serious!” The paramedic protested.

“Well, I just heard you say that she probably doesn’t need to go to the hospital.” Stark smirked. “In that case, we’ll just be taking her back now.”

“You can’t do this!” Leo yelled. He was about to charge the agents, but Richtoff held him back.

“Cool it, Agent Carter.” Richtoff whispered. “You don’t want to make this any worse. We should be lucky that they’re overlooking the fact that we punched out Miller and stole his car.”


“Don’t worry. When we get back, I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Transcript of Special Agent Welling’s Post-Action Interrogation

Stark: Will you please tell me why exactly you were in that shop?

Wellings: If you’ve bothered to read, it’s explained in Case File 15542.

Stark: Enlighten me.

Wellings: Case File 15542 was opened two years ago due to reports from a cafeteria somewhere in Wisconsin of a magic coffee machine that could give you any drink you wanted. However, the building the cafeteria was housed in was shut down before the closest UIU branch could investigate. The case was closed, until similar reports started surfacing in the Los Angeles area. The case was reopened and routed to our office.

Stark: Did you find this… “magic” coffee machine?

Wellings: No. By the time I got to the shop, it had already been sold, in cash.

Stark: Did you have any idea who your two assailants were?

Wellings: No.

Stark: Do you remember anything that happened during the firefight?

Wellings: No.

Stark: Do you mean to tell me that you don’t remember anything at all?

Wellings: I was shot three times, unconscious for about half an hour, pumped full of painkillers and antibiotics, and you expect me to remember what happened in the preceding five minutes?

(Phone Rings)

Stark: (answers phone) Yes? No sir, it doesn’t appear she knows anything. No, we haven’t tried that yet. Yes, we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Wellings: What are you doing? What’s that- (begins screaming)

Stark: Is that thing still recording? Turn it off!

Signal Lost

Fourie lay in the middle of the field, quite surprised he was still alive. Confused, he looked around, and realized his arm was broken, and hurt like hell. However, as he looked on, he noticed that strangely, his arm snapped back into place with a jolt, causing him to yelp in surprise. He could literally feel the bone and muscle sewing itself back together. Plus, since his entire body was literally pulverized, he felt the sensation everywhere.

“H-how?” Fourie asked himself.

“Magic.” Fork said simply before shooting Fourie in the head.

Dr. Glass: I understand you were a SWAT sniper before joining the Foundation.

Fork: That’s correct.

Dr. Glass: And that your first contact with an SCP was when you encountered SCP-███.

Fork: T-that’s correct.

Dr. Glass: Would you care to recount your experience?

Fork: I-I really don’t want to. It’s not a memory I like to remember.

Dr. Glass: You are aware that unlike the crowd around you, you were the sole survivor of that event, and that fact combined with your previous profession was the main reason you were not terminated yourself.

Fork: I understand that, but I’m just too uncomfortable recounting that. If you really want to know, just read [DATA RESTRICTED – O5 EYES ONLY].

Dr. Glass: It's alright. Has the event with SCP-███ had any lasting effect on you?

Fork: Are you kidding? I can’t even step into my own house without turning on all the lights first. I took out all the doors inside my house so I don’t get locked in any one room, and I can’t even stand in a large crowd of people without having to keep myself from panicking. Every time I close my eyes, I relive all that shit SCP-███ put me through, and don’t even get me started about the nightmares. In short, my life, the one I used to have, is a complete fucking mess.

Dr. Glass: I see…

Fork: But I guess this job is a blessing, because despite that, I’m probably still one of the most normal people here.

“So, Mr. Fourie, it seems as if we’re right back where we started from.” Spoon grinned as Fourie was shoved back into the Blackhawk. “Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with SCP-427, let’s try this again. You’re going to tell us what you know about SCP-204, how you’re tracking it, and who you’ve sent to catch it. If you don’t feel like answering, well, this Blackhawk here has a full tank of fuel and can easily stay in the air for several more hours.”

“What the hell did you bastards do?!” Leo yelled when he saw Sam slumped in the interrogation chair, barely conscious.

“Agent Wellings proved to be uncooperative during interrogation.” Stark smirked. “We were only taking measures to defend ourselves.”

“That’s fucking bullshit and you know it!” Leo glared at Stark. “I ought to report this.”

“Good luck with that.” Stark smiled. “Who’s the assistant director going to believe? The division chief of Homicide or some nut from UIU?”

Knowing that he had lost this particular battle, Leo scowled and helped Sam to her feet. As he led her out of the interrogation room, he heard Stark talking on his phone and couldn’t help but to eavesdrop.

“No, she really didn’t know anything, sir. Yes, we even tried that. Yes, I’m absolutely sure. No, we have no idea whether the Foundation was involved or not. If I get any more information, you’ll be the first to know.”

“What the bloody hell happened in there?!” Richtoff’s eyes widened in disbelief when he saw Leo carrying Sam into the UIU office.

“That’s the exactly the same thing I asked.” Leo grumbled.

“Goddamn that Stark.” Richtoff shook his head. “He always was a bit too eager to resort to violence.”

“How the hell did a guy like that get promoted anyway?” Leo wondered as he eased Sam into her chair.

“Promotion here is more than just meritocracy.” Richtoff sighed. “Tell you what. You and Wellings can clock out early. Take her home and keep an eye on her for the night.”

“Uh, yes sir.” Leo said, a bit embarrassed at the prospect. “By the way, I think Stark might be dirty.”

“As if that’s a surprise.” Richtoff rolled his eyes. “How else do you think he got promoted?”

“I mean, I think he’s really dirty.” Leo leaned closer, as if there were eavesdroppers hanging around the empty office. “I caught him talking to somebody on his phone in the interrogation room, and I don’t think it was anybody in the FBI.”

“Alright, I’ll call in some favors from some guys I know in Intelligence.” Richtoff nodded. “You go and get Wellings home.”

Dr. Glass: I understand you’ve been involved in the termination of over sixty “compromised” personnel.

Agent Fork: That’s correct.

Dr. Glass: What exactly is a “compromised” person?

Agent Fork: Spies, traitors, whistleblowers, saboteurs, thieves, you name it. Basically, anybody who’s been proven to be a liability to the Foundation.

Dr. Glass: And you’re confident in your abilities?

Agent Fork: I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve gotten very good at it.

Dr. Glass: You’re not troubled at all about your duties? Taking human lives often takes a toll on a person’s psychological health.

Agent Fork: Having had firsthand experience with SCP-███, I can safely tell you that any wet work the O5s can throw at me is like hugging a teddy bear in comparison to that hell. As far as I’m concerned, the O5s give me a list of names and I just cross them off, one by one.

Dr. Glass: Alright… I understand you’ve also actively volunteered for Keter duty, as well as cleanup operations for Keter and Euclid level SCPs. Any reason why you would do that?

Agent Fork: Because there are those times where I want to remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. That it’s our duty to protect society form the weird and unexplained, to bump back against those things that go bump in the night. I want to make sure that nobody else has experience what I experienced.

Dr. Glass: On another note, you’re currently partnered with Agent Spoon, is that correct?

Agent Fork: Yes.

Dr. Glass: What is your relationship with him?

Agent Fork: We’re just professional colleagues!

Dr. Glass: Err, yes, that’s what I meant when I asked the question.

Agent Fork: Ah… well… he’s certainly an eccentric individual, but he gets the job done.

Dr. Glass: What is your personal opinion of him?

Agent Fork: Off the record?

Dr. Glass: Yes, this won’t be on the public file.


“My my, it seems as if you have a penchant for unnecessary pain and torment, Mr. Fourie.” Spoon said happily as he stood over Fourie’s pulverized but slowly regenerating body. “However, you’ve finally gotten around to giving me what I want, so I guess I can let you go free.”

“Really? Just like that?” Fourie asked suspiciously.

“Of course, I’m a man of my word.” Spoon smiled as Fourie got up to leave. “However, I did forget to mention, you used to work for the Foundation, South African branch, correct?”

“Uh, that’s right.” Fourie said, sweating.

“If I recall correctly, there’s currently an active termination order for you right now. See, normally, termination orders are not my specialty. Agent Fork here, on the other hand…”

There was a loud bang and Fourie toppled to the ground, a bullet embedded in his head.

“Oh dear, I nearly forgot to take SCP-427 off.” Spoon bent down to pick up the amulet, making doubly sure it was closed before pocketing it. “You may want to shoot him a couple more times, just to make sure.”

With the day’s work done, Spoon and Fork turned to leave. As they walked back to the helicopter, Fork asked, “Agent Spoon, was this the reason why you brought SCP-427?”

“Was it? I can’t say. Maybe it’s because I wanted to abuse its powers for my own ends. Maybe I just foresaw poor Agent Wellings’ potential demise. Maybe I just did it just because I could. Which one do you think?”

“I wish you could give me straight answer for once.” Fork sighed.

“What’s the fun in that?” Spoon smiled.

Agent Fork: Personally, I don’t trust Spoon at all. He always seems like he’s got some sort of different agenda, and the way he acts doesn’t help at all. Frankly, I’m not sure whether he even takes his position within the Foundation seriously at all, nor does he really understand just what the hell we’re up against.

Dr. Glass: And what would happen if he were defined a “compromised” agent?

Agent Fork: If he weren’t so good at what he did, I’d have put a bullet in Spoon’s head a long time ago. If the O5 ever hands me his name, well, I won’t hesitate.

Dr. Glass: Thank you, I think that will be all for today.

My conclusion is that Agent Fork suffers from severe insecurities due to her experiences with SCP-███. The only reason how she has been able to stay functional is that she masks her insecurities by embracing Foundation ideology. The fact that she is insecure of herself and others on a level that borders on paranoia, and that she finds termination of fellow personnel incredibly cathartic, may make her an effective agent for terminations and assassinations, but also runs of the risk of her suffering a catastrophic nervous breakdown. I recommend that Agent Fork be temporarily relieved of duty to undergo proper psychological counseling and rehabilitation. –Dr. Glass

Your recommendations have been noted but denied. The qualities that you want to treat are exactly the qualities that make Agent Fork such a qualified and skilled agent. –O5-1

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